Dona Bella Pizza If you’re sick and tired of getting pizza claiming to be “authentic New York-style” crust that ends up being just a limp, soggy mess, then you have to come to Dona Bella Pizza, in TriBeca, at the very heart of the Big Apple. Our simple, unpretentious menu offers REAL New York style pies that are crisp, and never limp, and our incredible marinara never soaks through. Additional items include variations on that theme-- calzones and strombolis as good as our pies, but without the sandwiches and salads that confuse and pad-out other menus. Order online for a to-go order, or for free delivery anywhere in our broad range. Whether you’re ordering one pie, or 21, we’ve got you covered, and will get it to you steaming hot, gooey, and crisp! Order Online Payment Options